1098 - Child Helpline Awareness Program

1098 – is a childline service founded by (CIF) Childline India Foundation in 1996. It is specially made for street children who are in distress.
1098 is a Tele-helpline Model.
Childline is work done to protect the rights of all children in general, but 1098 mainly focuses on children in need of care and protection.
Are you aware of any children facing distress? Just Dial 1098. Our team will help to make that child’s life beautiful.
If you are aware that a child is working under any Organized or unorganized sector Dial-1098
if a child faces mental stress because of their parents, Dial-1098. If you see any mentally challenged child in need of help, Dial-1098.
Contact us:
If they face vulnerable sections like
Physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
Whether you are a concerned child or adult, Dial 1098, the toll-free number, to access our Services. We respond to children in an emergency but also link them to long-term care and rehabilitation. We have, to date, reached out to over three million children nationwide through such calls.

  1. Street children & youth living alone
  2. Especially girl domestics-Domestic help
  3. Children who need emotional guidance and support
  4. Children deserted by parents or guardians
  5. AIDS Affected Children
  6. Run away children 
  7. Mentally challenged ones
  8. HIV infected children

Dial Р1098  Your call will change a life.

Dial - 1098

Esteem foundation is stepping forward with a continuous Human logo formation in Schools.

A World Record Marathon

to create a awareness among students on all school premises, especially in Government Schools in Tamil Nadu.